Jersey Beat

Oh, yeah baby! Bring it on! You ever listen to an album that’s so delightfully bouncy, upbeat, and flat-out insanely appealing fun that it just makes you wanna say all sorts of wacky nice stuff. Well, man, this is exactly that kinda album. Y’know, sweet, lively, and positive, but never too cloying or cutesy, done with a winning blend of wide-eyed go-for-it energy and enthusiasm, sung with disarming spunkiness, and played with an equally engaging sense of smooth musicianship (gotta love those crunchy guitar riffs and neatly poppin’ basslines!), this darling is an absolute joy to hear from sparkling start to fabulous finish. So load it up, play it loud, and hit that repeat button, ‘cause this is the sort of hugely pleasurable album that warrants and deserves multiple listenings.

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