Praise for Like Way Out

Like Way Out cover

“If you’re into guitars and pedals, AND lo-fi/mid-fi recordings, you need to give this a listen.”

Stephen Perry, hearts bleed radio

“…an excellent next step from a band that has become a stalwart cornerstone of an expanding local music scene…”

Eric R. Danton, listen, dammit.

[The] Like Way Out EP, combines the quirky side of the Breeders with the pop sensibilities and melody of Belly, with some of the crunch of Dinosaur Jr. They also list Eric’s Trip as an influence, and when was the last time you saw that?

Ken Sears, If It’s Too Loud

“[The True Jacqueline] sounds newly supercharged and sure of itself on ‘Like Way Out…'”

Ken Maiuri, The Hampshire Gazette

“…somehow manages to blend science fiction-sounding guitar licks, catchy pop chord progressions, and driving bass lines into a five-song collection that proves both enjoyably easy and challenging to listen to.”

Pete Redington, The Valley Advocate