Q: So what kind of music is it?
A: Music by and for awkward people! We say “noise-pop” usually.
Q: Noise-pop? What’s that?
A: It’s a type of rock music. Melodic at times and noisy at others. It’s loud.
Q: Oh so do you play all original songs, or…
A: Yep. All original.
Q: Well that’s cool. Do you guys play in the area?
A: We play in or around Northampton about once a month. We have also toured the country a bit!
Q: So what do you do in the band?
A: Kate plays bass, Noah plays guitar, and Brian plays drums. Everyone sings.
Q: Well that’s nice. What’s the name again?
A: The True Jacqueline.
Q: True Jacqueline? How do you spell that?
A: T-R-U-E like the word, and J-A-C-Q-U-E-L-I-N-E like the name.
Q: J-A-Q…
A: J-A-C-Q-U-E Line.
Q: Is that like Jackie O?
A: Nah.
Q: But how’d you come up with the name?
A: Pass.
Q: So is Kate the Jacqueline you’re named after?
A: Nope. Her name is Kate.