We’re about to get ready for our show at Sprout in Richmond, VA, but first we’ll enjoy their tasty food. We’ve all had a blast so far. We spent a while in Baltimore and got to go to the American Visionary Art Museum which was really rad. They had a whole room dedicated to a man named Eugene Von Bruenchenhein whose art featured aquatic looking space creatures which really resonated with us. We walked like a thousand miles around town because the buses kept driving past us. Milt walks crazy fast! After the museum we got frozen custard at the pier but when we got to the bus stop I had to throw mine away and then the bus almost left without me. We learned a lot about the fine city of Baltimore that day.

The show at Golden West was a smashing success and we met some nice folks at the Mojo 13 in Wilmington, DE. Mojo’s sign has a giant scary clown on it. The venue looks like it had once had a lot of freak shows and vaudeville acts but it’s in an odd location. Right next to a very delicious Mexican restaurant and across the street from a very sketchy-looking, but reportedly amazing, Italian restaurant called Mr. Pasta. All-in-all it was a strange evening.

On our way back to our friend Milton’s house somehow the door of our trailer had come open and a very kind gentleman scared us into pulling over yelling, “your shit’s falling out the back!” Luckily nothing was lost and that unknown highway man is a hero! Anyway, it’s quite warm down here but we’re having a great time and the shows are getting better and better!