The incorporated city of Panama City, Inc.

We travelled way out to Cleveland, TN where there wasn’t a whole lot around except forĀ  this record store in a strip mall. We didn’t play to a lot of people- just the owner, Bobby, and one other guy- but it was a very welcoming environment. We played music and listened to records for a while. Bobby just opened the place and the store is staffed by volunteers. He does it because he sees a need. Cleveland had one record store before Inherent; an FYE that closed down recently. So now you can buy Things Under Water online, at our shows, or at Inherent Records in Cleveland, TN.

The city of Panama City city hall

Similarly, the A&M Theatre in Panama City, FL is a new place opened and run by people who value music and independent artists. In the four months they’ve been open they’ve put on over one hundred all-ages shows. They charge a cover to pay the bands and have a beer bar to pay the bills. Apparently there was one other music venue in Panama City which closed down so now the A&M Theatre stands as the lone place for bands to play in a town with three musical instrument stores in like a four block radius. We had a great time hanging out with Philip, Scott, and Melody who were extremely hospitable and welcoming.

Also I’ve been craving oysters and gin and tonic for a few days now. This craving has not been met. I’ll definitely post something when it is though.

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