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The True Jacqueline is a three-piece indie noise pop band from Northampton, Massachusetts. Assembled by Noah Cerveny in 2007, the name was influenced by a documentary about Jackie O. and chosen for its pleasing linguistic qualities. In 2008 the original bass player left the group and Kate Niemczyk, then the group’s #1 fan, became the permanent bassist, splitting lead vocal duties with Cerveny. After playing several shows with the Northampton band Friends Of Yours, they developed a mutual admiration for drummer Brian DiPippo who joined in 2010. This collaboration draws from influences like Eric’s Trip, My Bloody Valentine, and Low to intricately fuse catchy hooks in the guitar, bass, and vocals with gritty timbres and lush noise.

Vocal harmonies at Bruar Falls Brian wailing at Bruar Falls

George Lenker of The Republican (MassLive.com) said, “The True Jacqueline is maybe my favorite band to come along in years … employing quirky but accessible chord changes, and embedded in a foundation of solid, if not flashy, musicianship makes the band hard to beat to my ears.”

Selections from Like Way Out

From Things Under Water

The True Jacqueline have shared the stage with notable bands such as The War On Drugs, Bishop Allen, and Hilly Eye to name a few. In 2010 the band released its debut full-length album Nice Bird and undertook its first tour of the midwestern United States. In 2011 the group toured the south-eastern states in support of their second release, an EP titled Things Under Water, which was recorded with Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Chelsea Light Moving). Then in 2012, before heading into the basement studio to record their next EP, Like Way Out, the band honed the composition and performance of the songs to be included on a third tour, again in the midwest.

The True Jacqueline embraces the DIY ethos that infuses the Northampton indie rock scene by self booking and promoting all of their shows and tours. Each album also has its own unique aesthetic while the band experiments with different processes and techniques of recording as well as songwriting.

The True Jacqueline is currently supporting its new EP Like Way Out, released in December or 2013 and is planning a New England tour for the summer of 2014.

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For more information or to set up an interview contact Noah at noah@truejacqueline.com