We got to get the fuck ‘t of the s’th!

Written this morning: To prepare us for this trip my mom warned me that in the south, while it’s really hot outside, it’s freezing cold inside from everyone cranking their industrial air conditioners full time. This it turns out, in the rock band context, is not true enough. We played a fantastic and seriously sweaty show at the world famous Milestone in Charlotte, NC. Never have I sweated like that. Brian and Kate played two 45 minute sets like heroes!

With FoY, WooD HeaD, and Illicitizen
With FoY, WooD HeaD, and Illicitizen

Today is our day off before we head to Philadelphia, which is like a second home at this point. Our missions for the day are to get grits at Waffle House and some southern barbecue and sweet tea somewhere awesome.
Beers of the south approved by The True Jacqueline Beer Tasting Committee:

  • Angry Angel Kolsch
  • Terrapin Rye Pale Ale
  • Sweetwater 420

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