Nice Bird has arrived!

Today’s the day!  Jackie came in from a busy day of avoiding the oppressive heat, only to stumble upon a package labeled “Fragile.”  “What could it be?” said Jackie, knowingly.

She gently picked up the package and brought it inside.  Placing it upon her WurliTzer, she removed the packing tape.

“Oh, my!” Jackie gasped.  “It’s better than I could have ever imagined!”

Jackie rejoiced.  Nice Bird had finally arrived, after all the months of toiling and effort.  Would it bring her the peace she had been seeking all these years?  We will soon find out…


The album is finally out, friends!  You can get a digital copy on iTunes, at bandcamp, or at Amazon. Or you can get a physical copy from our online store and of course directly from us at shows. Since we’re about to go on tour it might take us a while to fill online orders so if you’re planning to see us you’re better off buying it from us then.

For instance at our record release party this Thursday at the Sierra Grille, 10pm.  $3 admission, 21+.

Then, we’re on tour!  Check the schedule for a town near you.

We’re so excited to share this with all of you.  We really hope you enjoy it!

Your newest pal.
She has arrived and she is beautiful.

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